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Some people tend to have really short memories! Someone from my high school just contacted me. He wants me to declare him a friend in a student page that we are both subscribed to! Maybe he confuses me with someone else or he spent the last six years consuming tons of drugs which made him forget his school years! When I was in high school he was the one that was making fun of me, insulted me in front of others, talked badly about me, and even through stuff at me. I will never forget his attack with pieces of apple during the last year of high school! It might sound funny but he really made my life be hell. And now the same guy wants me to declare him a friend! I should have put a picture on my profile. Maybe he would have realized earlier who I am.
What makes this so outraging for me is that it took me years after graduating from high school to recover my self esteem and now he does not even remeber that we were never friends......

By the way, I did declare him a 'friend' and wrote him a NASTY email!
30.10.06 17:33


Being a trainee at the council is even more intensive then being an Erasmus student. For three months you do a lot of stuff together with people from 46 different countries. And since everyone is sitting in front of the computer all day long you write a lot of mails per day: Good morning mail, lunch mails, coffee mails, evening mails, and week end mails. So far there was something going on almost each and every single night and people are starting to think about trips as well.
I really feel like I have been partying for 9 years. First I did the student exchange when I was 17, then the voluntary service when I was 20, then I studied in Romania, and know I am here. Not to forget about the seminars in between.....
Unfortunately I am not a big party animal because my favorite hoppy is sleeping. So I try to concentrate my partying on the weekends. On the weekends I am desperate because I have no emailat home so I call everyone to ask what the plans for tonight are. Somehow I can no longer live without doing something fun at least once per day........
I always thought that life would get more and more serious when you grow older ......
18.10.06 18:07

My first meeting in France

My French really sucks! I spent six horrible years in school trying to learn this language! Nowadays I understand a lot of it because I know Italian and Romanian. I actually do not really need to speak French at the council because everyone knows English. This wednesday things were different though. I wanted to go to a very interesting meeting and it turns out that it is in French! 'Well' I thought 'let's see what I will understand!'. In the end I was relieved to realize that I had understood the most important things and was even able to do some small talk in French during Lunch. Maybe one day I will finally master this language.....
13.10.06 14:38

Georgian is like Chinese

This Saturday I made the experience that the Georgian language is as tricky as Chinese. You change one letter in a word and it already means something completely different. To the ears of a foreigner these differences are hard to hear. There are many consonants in Georgian which sound similar but can change the meaning of a word completely.
Anyways, all of the trainees of the council were asked to pick two pieces of music from their home countries. One traditional song and a modern one. The idea is to create a compilation CD. The first reaction of the other German trainees was to claim that there is no such a thing as German traditional music. Or, if there is any, it is so horrible that you could not possibly present it to none-Germans. I asked one of the Georgian trainees which songs he had picked. He said that he had chosen a very traditional song which is directed to the cosmos. He said that it was called “Chagrulo”. All Georgians know this song and Avtandil must definitely know this song too! I then sent an sms to Avtandil and asked him “What is Chagrulo?”. Half an hour later he called me back and was very angry. He asked me who told me this word and that I should never speak to that person again. Chagrulo is a very bad insult and refers to people in inferior positions. A slave owner might refer to his slaves as Chagrulo. If anyone calls me Chagrulo that means that this person thinks that he is better than me. I told him that there must be a mistake because it should be a piece of music and not an insult. When I closed my phone I asked the Georgian Trainee how to spell “Chagrulo”. Well, the result was “Chakrulo” and it is hopefully a song.
9.10.06 09:47


My apartment lies in the Jewish quarter of town. Being German, the experience of living among orthodox Jews is something very new and unique for me. Unfortunately, there are not very many Jews left in Germany and the sight of a man with a beard and hat and women with wigs is very unusual. I ´ve seen people dressing this way on TV but for the first time in my life am I surrounded by a big community and can witness their everyday life. I can see children on their way to school, parents riding bikes on their way to work, and young mothers chatting on the streets. Every Saturday the streets are full of families dressed in their “Sunday´s best”. They go to the synagogue, visit friends and family, or meet at various places. Since they do not use electricity on the Sabbath day they also do not ring door bells. Young children often stand outside of their homes and yell for their parents to open the door. Until late at night you can see people on the streets, young people as well as old people, children, families, women, and men.
What is striking is the number of young families I have seen. It is nothing unusual to see a women my age with four children. Fathers are also quiet young. I have heard some families speaking in German to each other. I do not know if they are local Alsaciens or if they have migrated from Germany.
There also seem to be different denominations among them. Not all young boys let the hair above their ears grow and not all of the married men wear a beard. Some men wear hats, others only a Kippa. Most of the little boys I have seen wear a Kippa while others use caps. Girls and young women usually dress like French women but do not seem to wear pants. Married women cover their hair. Some wear wigs while others use scarfs. Most people dress in black but some also use colours such as brown or pink.
9.10.06 09:45

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