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I Love Professor Snape!

My relationship to Harry Potter is very special. I think Harry Potter had a great effect not only on me but on many people. My cousin Anne learned how to read because she did not want to wait for her mom to read the next chapter to her. I wonder if by now she learned English because she did not want to wait for the German translation. Harry Potter part five was the only book published in English that ever made it into the German book ?charts? because people did not want to wait for the translation. It remained number one for many weeks.
My personal relationship to Harry started quite late. I only got interested in the books after I had seen the first movie. I managed to see it in English which is pretty hard in Germany because all movies are usually dupped. I remember that I saw it with my friend Jose from Columbia. A short while later I told my mother that I would like to read Harry Potter and that I had also decided to read books in the original language if possible. My mother made her own thing out of it and gave me the first four parts of Harry Potter for Easter. The first one in English, the second one in Italian, the third one in Spanish, and the fourth one in French. My mother is really supportive when it comes to developing my language skills! The only problem is that the characters have different names in each language. Dumbleodore is called Silente in Italian, Snape is called Rouge and Mad Eye Moody is called Maugrey fol Oeil in French. This makes it quite hard to read each book in a different language. I managed well with the English version eventhough I did not know all of the wizzard vocabulary, I managed ok with the Italian version, I cheated while reading the spanish one consulting the German version from time to time, and the French one took me for ever to read.
I loved part one and two but everything that came after it I only read because I have to know how the story ends. Book five I read in English because I did not want to wait for the Romanian translation and book six I read online, in English of course, because I had to know who kills Dumbledore. My mother once threatend me to buy me a Harry Potter version in Japanese and was very disappointed when I told her that I might know twenty words of Japanese but that does not mean that I can READ it!!!

I saw Harry Potter part four last Wednesday. I have to admit that the main reason I had to see it, was because I am in love with Professor Snape. Well, also because of the wonderfull pictures and scenery of that magic world. I love professor Snape because he is so evil. I mean I do not love the snape of the books but that movie Snape. He has these piercingly evil eyes, this expressionless face, and of course black hair, black clothes and a pale face. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he gives me the shivers. I would join Tu Sabes Quien?s team just to learn how to look so piercingly evil. I am a real groupie! Sorry, I might ruin the picture that you had of me by saying it but nobody is perfect. At least I am not in love with Harry! The point is that I am in love only with the movie Snape and not the book Snape, and definately not with the actor who plays him!!! I saw him once in?Sense and Sensibility? as Kate Winslets suiter and it almost made me puke. He looks very stupid in that movie. You know: handsome 19th century guy with a weird beard on his cheeks. I was really shocked. It almost felt like Snape joyfully offering a cup of tea to Harry without verita serum in it.
If you are also a Snape fan, please contact me.....

PS. Did anyone get the point why Hermione went to the ball with Victor Krum? There must be some deeper meaning to it?!
11.12.05 15:33

I am famous but misquoted....

This monday's edition of the local newspaper "Clujeanul" features a big article about hospitalityclub. One of the editors got interested in it over a friend who is a member. And since I had invited all Clujean members to the HC party at my house he reffered to me.
Well, the interview was ok but not great and the outcome is horrible. The editor asked me all these questions about Germans being better than Romanians. I tried to explain that the initiative for HC came from Germany but that does not mean that it is a German thing. By now almost every country in the world has members. I told her that the founders of HC are former exchnage students from Germany and in the article she quoted me "We [Germans] invented student exchange programs". And then she tried to define what that is but messed it up totally. When I told her that you can use the "Groups" section in order to find members that share a common interest with you or to find a family were you could stay she wrote "in the occident whole families sign up as members". It really annoys me how she presented this whole thing as something foreign instead of something everyone can join.
I was carefull when I gave the answers during the interview because I now how badly you can be misinterpreted and how bad the Romanian press works. And still the outcome is a disaster. But, now it is published and I cannot change it anymore....
14.12.05 09:33

A Short Visit to the Sirius Tea House

I arrived in Budapest on December 27 after having spent christmas in Romania with Avtandil and my mother.

I need to research for my thesis statement and the library of the Central European University is very good. Luckily I found a place to stay through hospitalityclub. Yesterday was a HC meeting at the Sirius Tea House which is a very unique place. The design is very beautiful with an arabic touch. You can smoke water pipe, drink tea and sit on the floor. Very comfortable. We met in one of the back rooms. In order to get there you have to go through a cupboard, climp some steps and then go into a small room that looks like a ship. Very nice, very narrow and ......outch!!!!!!!!!!! no place for anyone taller than a dwarf!
This was the end of my visit. I did not even get as far as ordering tea but instead went to the nearest hospital. I had bumped my head against a piece of wood that was part of the interior design and was bleeding. The wound itself was not so bad but it had made a horrible noise when I bumbed it an in the first second I was afraid to have hurt my neck. Luckliy nothing had happened but I felt dizzy and since I had never had this kind of injury before I prefered to have a doctor look at it (no, I did not fall from trees when I was a kid and so far I did not even have a broken arm or leg).
I had to wait for three hours at the hospital. While I was waiting the bleeding stopped but I began to feel dizzy and my head started to hurt. First behind the right eye, than my forehead, than in the back of my head, and then it stopped hurting at all. All I could feel was a little burning from the wound. When it was my turn the doctor shaved some hair away, told me that he could stitch it but that it was not really neccessary. He made an x-ray and said that everything is ok.

I went home and thought about how proud I would have been about this injury 20 years ago. When I was a kid I always thought that I was not normal. My best friend in Kindergarden bumped her had three times and she had to get stitches. And all the boys broke their arms. I wonder when I will finally break a bone.... Some people need a long time to grow up
30.12.05 13:48


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