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What I Have Been Doing Lately

I guess most of you have been wondering why I have not written anything lately. Well, the answer is easy: I am pretending to write my thesis statement. Unfortunately things do not reall go the way they should. I went to Germany in January until the beginning of February. I went back to Cluj for three weeks where I had to organize some stuff, and then I went to Budapest to find an apartment. Yes, my goal is to spend as much time as possible in the Hungarian Capital because I think that I can concentrate much better there. Unfortunately the day I arrived in Budapest my brother in law died. After a week of not being able to do anything whatsoever, I decided to visit my parents in Hamburg because it is kind of frustrating to be alone in a city where you hardly know anyone when someone in your family just died. Avtandil had left for the funeral in the Republic of Georgia. He came back six days later which was last thursday when we met in Münster. I will go back to Budapest on tuesday but Cluj is already waiting for me because I have to go to the orthodentist and to talk to my landlady. You see my life is busy and already I have to think about what will happen after I graduate. It just seems that I will have to continue my nomad life for some time......
19.3.06 11:27

The No Diet Diet

While I was visiting my parents in Hamurg my mother decided that I should pay a visit to her doctor. My mother has been diagnosed with diabetes 2 a couple of months ago and was told that I should be tested too because it usually runs in the family. For all of you who do not know: Diabetes 2 is what fat people get after a life of no exercise and bad eating habits. Of course you need to be genetically predestined but even if you are that does not mean that you will get it if you take good care of yourself. Anywasy, I did the test and of course my blood sugar was too high. This is why I am now on the no diet diet. Let me explain: The last time I dieted I developed gastritis and intestinal problems and after about a year after the end of the diet I started to gain weight again. This is why I decided to never diet again. If I change something now I have to now that it is for ever and not just for some months.
My current weight is 82 kg which is A LOT considering that I am only 1,69m tall. My ideal weigth would be around 56-60kg. I have to do something!!! My family doctor, my orthopedist, and my neurologist also agree.
This is why I have worked out a strategy to lose weight without dieting. I have made a plan for the next year how to change my lifestyle and it is not about making a diet, no, it is about changing my habits for "time and all eternity". So this months I am concentrating only on drinking plenty of fluids and getting a lot of exercise, next months I will concentrate on eating five meals per day and on chewing each bite 20 times (quite difficult with my braces). During the third months I will purify my body and strengthen my immune system. During the fourth months I will continue what I did during the first and second months. Only in the fifth months will I start to think about what to eat, how much and when. For one month I will note everything I eat and drink. But I will not diet! I will eat normal portions (in the medical sense). Hopefully after a year of eating healthy I will have lost some weight, have better blood sugar results, be fitter, and have less health problems....
19.3.06 11:53

My No Diet Diet Diary

Dear blog readers! From today on you will have to suffer from yet another reality show. This is how my first days of the no diet diet worked out:

16 March 2006

I drank three liters of tea in the morning. Very good. Also for my swollen tonsils which have been bothering me for years. No exercise. Come on, I am on vacation....
Ate too much rice at dinner
Bought safflower oil which is the healthiest oil out there.

17 March 2006

Drank a lot of tea! No exercise, well, I went for a walk...
My parents came to visit us. Invited us for dinner. Ate a lot of lamb...... so good... so much....
Bought Kefir powder to make home made kefir, very healthy, very good for the immune system. Decided to make it once I am back in Budapest.

18 March 2006

Drank a lot of tea! Avtandil broke my tea pot! What am I supposed to drink my tea out of from now on?
My parents invited us for lunch. Ordered a baked potatoe with sour cream and a "side dish" of salade. Everything turned out to be humongous! The potatoe could have fet three people, the sour cream was everywhere and the salade was super sized. Did not eat all of it.....
Wanted to buy walnut oil. Could not find it. Found Almond oil instead, very expensive...... might buy it tomorrow.
Just in case you are wondering: decided to cut down on meat and dairy and will experiment with different kind of vegetal oils...
no exercise.....
19.3.06 12:13

19 March 2006

Drank a lot of tea
Went for a small walk
went window shopping (isn´t that exercise?)
Read a lot about purifying your body, immune system, metabolism, dark circles under the eyes etc.....
decided to not think about these things anymore and to concentrate on EXERCISE!!! Willu is going to love me but her legs are stil 14cm longer than mine and she is to fast for me. If I want to walk then at my own pace and not running after other people ....
20.3.06 00:18

1. Day in Budapest

I came back to Budapest this morning. I was welcomed by nice and warm spring sunshine and the first thing I did when I arrived at home was to put my winter coat into the cupboard. I hope the weather stays like this.

I love Budapest and seeing it in the sunshine this morning really gave me a lot of energy. Let's hope that it will turn out to be my lucky city and who knows, maybe I might come back one day?!

I guess my popularity wil increase by living here. But really, I have no time for the touristy stuff so whoever wants to visit me has to be a "help-yourself-guest".

My new home is a huge room in a two room apartment which I share with Zsuzsa who is Hungarian and very happy to practice her German. I hope that she will teach me some Hungarian too even though I do not intend to concentrate much on learning the language since I have another urgent thing to do. You know what I mean...
I live close to Nyugati train station and the walking distance to the library is enough to get my daily bit of exercise.

My apartment has a nice kitchen, a washing machine, and a tv! Unfortunately I have only two German channels (sorry one is Austrian) and the rest is in Hungarian. After having lived without a tv for one and a half years I have to say that I did not miss a thing and I think that I won' t watch it that much.

I fully equiped the kitchen with everything I need for my no diet diet, well, does anyone know where to find cheap peanut oil in Budapest? I read that it is very good for frying and has a nutty taste. Sounds interesting! Have to try that.
Speaking of oils: Did you know that olive oil is the best body lotion you could think of? You just have to be careful not to put too much because it is very greasy but gives you soft baby skin. I think the last time my butt felt so soft was after that "massage" in Tbilissi/ Georgia.... horrible memory.....

Since my no diet diet is also a no scale diet I decided to measure my success using one of my pants. When I left for Germany ten days ago it was quite tight. When I came back today it was even tighter!!!! I guess that's because I did not iron it....

Well, things will go slowly and before I waste my time thinking about health issues too much I should better invest my newly gained energy into my diploma thesis. Resolution for tomorrow: fully concentrate on my work!!
21.3.06 20:25


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