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Witnessing Historic moments

Last week I was able to attend the annual meeting of European Roma and Travellers Forum. The Forum is a body which was initiated by the Finnish government. Only Roma can become delegates representing their home countries or NGOs. The Forum is seen as representing European Roma and has the task of communicating with international organisations about Roma issues.
Since the Forum is still in its baby shoes it is really interesting to see which obstacles it is facing in becoming a well functioning and reknown institution. The beginning is never easy and I wonder how the Forum will look like in 10 years......

PS. As a groupie it was also really cool to meet almost all European Roma rights activist in person, after having read their publications for the last couple of years....
14.11.06 19:11


Today, the president of the Republic of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, visited the Parliament of the European Union. Since I can also enter EU premises with my Council badge I had to see him..... (No, the Council of Europe is not a body of the EU!!!).

Unfortunately I was not allowed to enter the hemicycle when he was giving a speech but I went to the cultural part after that. The Georgian national ballett was there and performed folk dances. Very cool but too short. I would have like to see more than two dances. Most important of all though, I saw Saakashvili and his wife in person!!!!! And I was standing only 2 meters away from them.....
14.11.06 19:16

The world is small

Today I made another experience of how small the world is. Me and some colleagues of mine wanted to go to the office of another colleague. On the way to that office we almost bumped into someone who was not supposed to see us there (As we are preparing a surprise for her). When we heard her coming we panicked and hid in a small room with a xerox machine it. We waited for a couple of minutes and then wanted to continue our way. When I looked out of the room a friend of mine from Romania was standing in front of it!!!
I looked at her in surprise and she told me that she had seen me hiding....
It turned out that she is a diplomat now and had been on a mission to the council. She had not known that I was there too.

I guess the next time I see her will be in Romania again...
24.11.06 16:36


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