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Day ten and eleven

Day ten: Yet another time at the market. This time I brought a camera. Unfortunately it brakes after picture twelve. Anyways, I took pictures of dead pigs, chickens, some cheese and some Georgian specialties. The Market is no place where vegetarians should go?
Afterwards Avtandil and I got to the spa. It is a very ancient spa which was build by the Turcks. Avtandil and I rent a private little spa which is no bigger than a bath tub. The water is HOT. My back hurts and I would kill for a massage but when the massage guy finally comes I realize that this is not about relaxing! He begins to rub my whole body with a very hard piece of cloth. He literally peals my skin of. Then I have a break and go back into the water while it is Avtandil?s turn. The next round begins and I am covered by a load of soapy foam. The massage guy peels my skin with yet another instrument of torture before he finally goes over to the relaxing massage. Relaxing? Massage yes, but that guy is really tough on me (I always thought that anti-cellulitis messages are painful). Ouch, and it?s over to quickly as to properly treat that cramp in my shoulder. At the end he pours a bucket of hot water over me to get rid of all that soap. I take a cold shower and go back into the water. I watch Avtandil. He actually seems to like this kind of ?cleaning? and regards it as a form of deeper cleansing. I don? t know? Maybe I could do this once a year but if you do it more often than that you will be left skinless?..
Time is over and I get out of the water. I am red like a lobster. I take another cold shower but when we are finally dressed and on our way home I am still boiling inside.
That night I am actually sleeping naked even though it is not really, really hot in the apartment.
At three o?clock in the morning Avtandil is leaving to fly back to Germany. I have to stay one more day to go back to Prague and from there to Budapest.

Day eleven: Last day in Tbilisi. Avtandil is gone which means that I am stuck in the apartment. His parents don?t let me go anywhere on my own but luckily Sopo calls and I get to spend lunch at her house and play with he little daughter Nino.
In the evening I just stay at home surfing the net, preparing to get ready to go home to Cluj.

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