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1. Day in Budapest

I came back to Budapest this morning. I was welcomed by nice and warm spring sunshine and the first thing I did when I arrived at home was to put my winter coat into the cupboard. I hope the weather stays like this.

I love Budapest and seeing it in the sunshine this morning really gave me a lot of energy. Let's hope that it will turn out to be my lucky city and who knows, maybe I might come back one day?!

I guess my popularity wil increase by living here. But really, I have no time for the touristy stuff so whoever wants to visit me has to be a "help-yourself-guest".

My new home is a huge room in a two room apartment which I share with Zsuzsa who is Hungarian and very happy to practice her German. I hope that she will teach me some Hungarian too even though I do not intend to concentrate much on learning the language since I have another urgent thing to do. You know what I mean...
I live close to Nyugati train station and the walking distance to the library is enough to get my daily bit of exercise.

My apartment has a nice kitchen, a washing machine, and a tv! Unfortunately I have only two German channels (sorry one is Austrian) and the rest is in Hungarian. After having lived without a tv for one and a half years I have to say that I did not miss a thing and I think that I won' t watch it that much.

I fully equiped the kitchen with everything I need for my no diet diet, well, does anyone know where to find cheap peanut oil in Budapest? I read that it is very good for frying and has a nutty taste. Sounds interesting! Have to try that.
Speaking of oils: Did you know that olive oil is the best body lotion you could think of? You just have to be careful not to put too much because it is very greasy but gives you soft baby skin. I think the last time my butt felt so soft was after that "massage" in Tbilissi/ Georgia.... horrible memory.....

Since my no diet diet is also a no scale diet I decided to measure my success using one of my pants. When I left for Germany ten days ago it was quite tight. When I came back today it was even tighter!!!! I guess that's because I did not iron it....

Well, things will go slowly and before I waste my time thinking about health issues too much I should better invest my newly gained energy into my diploma thesis. Resolution for tomorrow: fully concentrate on my work!!
21.3.06 20:25

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Willu (22.3.06 19:13)
...sehr lustig finde ich ja, dass google jetzt auf deiner seite werbung für diäten platziert

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