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Becoming an Associal Being

All I have been doing for the last two weeks is to work for my thesis and to follow my no diet diet. Well, as I said this month I am concentrating only on exercise and drinking a lot of fluids. Drinking is not that big of a problem but how to exercise when you are busy writing? Well, going to the library is quite a nice walk but I do not go there every day. I can work, diet and drink better at home.
This is my daily routine: When I get up in the morning I make a lot of tea, eat ceareal and start working. For the rest of the day I just work.
I cannot sleep during the nights because I am always thinking about "Roma Ethnic identity". Luckily my friend Willu is here but she is in the same stage than me so we do not do too much stuff together.
Whenever I do go to the library I meet people like me. Someone should make a study about how people react to stress because I have my own theory: Men stop washing themselves!!! It happened to me twice that I was sitting next to hard working males who had not shaved in weeks, had not taken a shower for who knows how long and the word washing machine did not seem to be part of their vocabulary. I have not observed any gender specific behaviour of females though....

When I am at home I also take care of body, I make my own Kefir, put Yoghurt and cucumbers into my face and every other day I cover my whole body with olive oil. Yesterday I took a bath with olive oil and kefir, tried to massage my cellulite away and enhanced my circulation by using a brush to massage my legs. That was almost as relaxing as that massage in Georgia....
Well the results are amazing though. My skin feels soft, my pimples have almost vanished and the dark circles under my eyes are getting brighter. I have less problems with digestion, no more gastrits and feel fitter. Lets hope things continue this way and my thesis turns out well.
2.4.06 20:48

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Rieke (3.4.06 17:43)
Hi, so much success with your thesis!
About male-stress-behaviour = lack of hygiene: maybe you can link that phenomenon to "multi-tasking", what's a rather female characteristic, right?! So, maybe because this specific "gene" is the solution to the problem....
Alles alles Gute und nicht zuviel Geruchsbelästigung wünsch ich!

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