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Beeing sick without a tv

Last Thursday my tonsils strated to hurt. I hoped not to get a tonsilitis and somehow the pain disappeared within a day.... On Saturday my throught started to ache, on Sunday I got hay fever, on Monday I had 38 degrees of fever and my lungs started to hurt. In the middle of the summer....... luckily I am not the only one. Everyone I meet theses days is sick too!

Tuesday morning I woke up soaking wet from my own sweat. All I wanted was to take a shower. I went into the bathroom, turned on the water, and... no water came out of the tab! I checked in the hallway if there was some anouncement but nothing. I decided to go back to bed. Two hours later I had water for ten minutes and managed to take a shower.

Being sick I spent most of my time in bed. As most of you might know lying in bed all day long tends to be quite boring. Even more so when all of your flat mates have left to Germany. I started to read all kind of books but none of them were really interesting. At one point I really wanted to watch a movie but I do not have a TV. I checked my computer and watched White Chicks for the tenth time. Not really my favorite movie but Elena and Florica love it and I had to promise not to delete it from the hard drive...
The next day I asked my neighbour if he had any dvds. He had only one containing Sin City and Oblio. Well, Sin City is a very violent comic-like movie. Fortunately the movie suddenly ended at the point were the Japanese hooker cuts five guys into pieces and puts them into the trunk of a car which the heroe of this episode wants to through into a lake....... does anyone know how the story ends?

Next I watched Oblio. A cartoon which is probably older than me. It is about a boy named Oblio who is born with a round had into a world where everyone has pointed heads. He is banished from the pointed village into the pointeless forrest where he realizes that things do not have to be pointless just because they do not have a point.....
Well, that movie looks like human rights education from the seventies to me. The music was made by Rinog Star who at some point sings a song about a decomposing wale.... If you ever wondered what happend after you die.....
The only thing that was missing in the movie was Yoko Ono and John Lennon producing a mixture of a round headed and a pointed headed baby. Please try to imagine how such a baby would look like.....

I do not have any more movies so I decided to get well, and here I am back in the internet cafe writing blog articles....
21.6.06 17:31

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