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My first day of practical research

This morning I decided to finally start the practical part of my diploma thesis. I will spend the next ten days doing interviews. I went to the organization Tara Minunilor which is a pre-school for Roma children which live on the city's garbage dumps. I spoke to one of their social workers, also a Roma, and he promised me to put me into contact with some of the community members. On monday I will go there to do the interviews.
Afterwards I called my friend Marian, yet another Roma, who was in town to ask him to introduce me to some more communities. We went to Iris, a quarter of town were a lot of traditional gabor Roma live. Unfortunately we did not find anyone there and decided to go to the main market where they sell things. We talked to two of them and they agreed to participate BUT only if I pay them. Marian got angry and told me that I can't expect any cooperation from them as long as we do not have a contact person from their community. He called a friend of his who works for the local government. Luckily is friend, yes also Roma, was free and ten minutes later he and his girlfriend came to meet with us. We explained the situation and he told me that he can put me in contact with every community in Cluj but not with the Gabors. They do not participate in these kind of things. He then offered to call some of the people he knows from other communities and assured me that I will not have any problems to interview them next week. I asked his girlfriend who is a student at the university and she was willing to be interviewed. Tomorrow I will to my first interview to her and another one to her room mate.
I guess I will have to work my way from interviewee to interviewee. Let's hope things will work out fine. I guess the next ten days will be very interesting and stressful ....
23.6.06 21:12

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