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Hospitalityclub party

This saturday I went to a hospitalityclubparty in Hamburg. The host was the guy who wrote the article about HC for the "Stern" magazine. There were quite a lot of other members but also some of his friends.

This party made me realize two things:
1 German parties are very different from Romanian parties. It is just the old story: In Germany you talk to people, you get to know people, and you go home without having taken anyone´s phone number. I really understand why many Romanians think that Germans are cold: In Romania I would have had five phone numbers and an invitation for a coffee the next day. Well, I really wonder how France is going to be like......

2 HC really is a German thing. Before the party began there was a HC media team meeting. Very german: everyone has a certain responsibility and the meeting was quite structured. I told them that I was interested in joining them but they did not seem to be too interested in having me in their team. When I asked if I could join their meeting I had to justify why. I had to tell them what kind of media experience I have and in the end they did not even ask me for my nick name, e-mail address or any other contact data. I guess that means I am out. The whole thing felt a little weired because I always thought that every member can be a media spokes person and then suddenly these people have a complete media strategy and seem to think of themsleves as the one and only media team legitimized by having close contact with the founder of the club.
Well, that was not the idea I had about hospitalityclub and I decided to put my efforts into HC Romania only. Lot´s of stuff to do over there and the thing that makes me happy is that I only organized one party there, told everyone that I would not organize the second one and now things are working out. By the way: There is going to be an HC meeting in Vama Veche at the end of August!
18.7.06 11:58

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