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When Hamburgians need money

As most of you know I am from Hamburg. If you are a foreigner you might have heard about it because it is a big city in Germany. If you are from Germany you must have heard about the Reeperbahn. Hamburg has a harbour and for centuries Hamburgian women have improved their financial situation by “serving” sailors who spent a couple of days in town. Due to modern technology most sailors do not stay too long anymore and thus new ways of earning money have been explored.
While I was in high school some of my female class mates earned their pocket money Go Go dancing. I was told that they never got entirely naked but still earned a lot of money with it.
Another girl from my class earned her rent by publicly dumping her boyfriend on TV. She only had to change her name and persona to make it look more realistic.
Another guy from my school probably paid for his driver´s license by testing eatable underwear. One day I saw him completely naked on “Wahre Liebe” that is a TV show where you can learn everything you never wanted to know about sex.

Don´t get me wrong. It is not only the high school kids who seem to need a lot of money in order to satisfy their needs. My father´s child hood friend supported his wife and three children by talking about his nymphomatic ex-girlfriend whom he broke up with twenty years ago. He really could not cope with having to have sex several times per day. Half of Germany probably knows about his resulting inferiority complex. He shared his feelings with us on more than one talk show.

A guy from my gym earned his money by stripping entirely naked in a club. I never saw it personally but a 50-year-old women from the gym told me that she had been there to see him.

My favourite story about improving your financial situation is “Bigi´s story”:
When Bigi was in 9th grade she was caught in a bus without a ticket. Since she had already spent her monthly allowance on other things she decided to change her identity into mine. The fine arrived in my mail box. I found out because she had told her mother who “volunteered” to pay “my” bill.
A few years later she must have gotten caught again. Due to unbearable poverty she decided to become a web-cam-star. She is currently working as a “show master” on late night TV. Unfortunately her salary must be little because she can obviously not allow herself to buy some clothes. I wonder why she does not participate in her own show where you can win up to 2000 geile Euros!!!
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