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Georgian is like Chinese

This Saturday I made the experience that the Georgian language is as tricky as Chinese. You change one letter in a word and it already means something completely different. To the ears of a foreigner these differences are hard to hear. There are many consonants in Georgian which sound similar but can change the meaning of a word completely.
Anyways, all of the trainees of the council were asked to pick two pieces of music from their home countries. One traditional song and a modern one. The idea is to create a compilation CD. The first reaction of the other German trainees was to claim that there is no such a thing as German traditional music. Or, if there is any, it is so horrible that you could not possibly present it to none-Germans. I asked one of the Georgian trainees which songs he had picked. He said that he had chosen a very traditional song which is directed to the cosmos. He said that it was called “Chagrulo”. All Georgians know this song and Avtandil must definitely know this song too! I then sent an sms to Avtandil and asked him “What is Chagrulo?”. Half an hour later he called me back and was very angry. He asked me who told me this word and that I should never speak to that person again. Chagrulo is a very bad insult and refers to people in inferior positions. A slave owner might refer to his slaves as Chagrulo. If anyone calls me Chagrulo that means that this person thinks that he is better than me. I told him that there must be a mistake because it should be a piece of music and not an insult. When I closed my phone I asked the Georgian Trainee how to spell “Chagrulo”. Well, the result was “Chakrulo” and it is hopefully a song.
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