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My New Life


I spent the summer in Germany. Most of the time I stayed at my parents house in Hamburg, writing my thesis. I met my extended family on several occasions and realized that my cousins are all grown ups by now. I come from a big family. My paternal grandmother is the oldest of six children while my maternal grandmother is the second oldest of five. Both of my parents are the oldest of four and they have many cousins. I have six first cousins myself and three cousins once removed with whom I also keep contact with. Unfortunately, I am an only child myself. Being the oldest grandchild the daughter of oldest children and the grand daughter of oldest children, I am also the oldest cousin. This is why I always think of my numerous cousins as being small. I remember seeing them for the first time in the hospital, playing with them, and having them puke at me. Well, as I am already 26 by now (unfortunately I had a birthday in September) my cousins are no longer in a puking age either. One of them just failed to graduate from high school and has to repeat a year. His sister is 14 and becoming a young lady. My two youngest cousins are 8 and 11 and at the last birthday party I fell from a swing and could not sit without pain for the four following weeks.
My three cousins once removed have also become big. The oldest one is studying to become a police men, the second one just graduated from high school and the youngest one is 14 and very much into sports. Time goes by fast…. I still cannot believe that I am 26. I remember times when I thought that being 16 is really old. I could never imagine turn as old as 19. Fortunately, I still have to fight with pimples so I decided that I cannot possibly get wrinkles anytime soon. I actually spent the whole summer getting rid of my red cheeks and the numerous black heads and white spots in my face……

Being in Hamburg now was totally different from my life as a child and teenager. I spent most of the days in my mothers office, writing my thesis. Every day at lunch time we went to a Kebab place to eat the daily menu. My mother is a tax adviser and has come to the conclusion that eating out is cheaper when put into relation to the amount of time you would otherwise spend for cooking. Because of this calculation I will never be able to eat Turkish food again……..

Something else also happened this summer. Avtandil found a job in Erlangen/ Bavaria. That is close to Nuremberg. Unfortunately he lost this job after six weeks but found a new one within two. His new job will begin on 4 October in Nuremberg.

Erlangen is a beautiful town but unfortunately it´s beauty is often times disturbed by Siemens buildings. Half of the town works for Siemens and if the cityhall would ever decide to rename the city they would probably call it Siemensburg. Erlangen is not only Siemens town but also a Hugenotte town. As a northern German I always think of Bavaria as being a black hole, namely catholic. Erlangen, however, is situated in northern Bavaria, which is not really Bavaria. The region is called Franken and is predominantly Lutheran. Erlangen became a save haven for French Calvinists about 300 years ago. The big church in the city center is a reformed Calvinist church. Services are no longer in French but for many years there was a German as well as a French speaking congregation. What is interesting is that Lutherans, Calvinists, and Catholics have lived together for centuries. Add the orthodox church and it would be the same situation than in Cluj.

In the middle of September I went to Cluj for a week in order to go to the orthodontist. I have to admit that going to Cluj felt like coming home rather than visiting a place I once lived in. I had a very busy time visting people and getting other things done. I felt very happy there. On my way back to Erlangen I met Romanians from Serbia. Until then I had not known that there is a Romanian minority in Serbia but it turned out that there are 4 mio living there. We spoke in Romanian while listening to Serb music which is many times nicer than Romanian music (sorry to say that but I never developed a liking for Romanian music).

On Sunday 24 September Avtandil finally drove me from Erlangen to Strasbourg and this is where I am at the moment.
2.10.06 12:24


Hello everyone! I am in a deep crisis at the moment. All of my friends seem to have finished university and I am the only one still not getting anywhere! Please send me a lot of nasty emails kicking my butt etc.......
There just seem to be so many other interesting things than interpreting interviews.....
25.7.06 16:44

When Hamburgians need money

As most of you know I am from Hamburg. If you are a foreigner you might have heard about it because it is a big city in Germany. If you are from Germany you must have heard about the Reeperbahn. Hamburg has a harbour and for centuries Hamburgian women have improved their financial situation by “serving” sailors who spent a couple of days in town. Due to modern technology most sailors do not stay too long anymore and thus new ways of earning money have been explored.
While I was in high school some of my female class mates earned their pocket money Go Go dancing. I was told that they never got entirely naked but still earned a lot of money with it.
Another girl from my class earned her rent by publicly dumping her boyfriend on TV. She only had to change her name and persona to make it look more realistic.
Another guy from my school probably paid for his driver´s license by testing eatable underwear. One day I saw him completely naked on “Wahre Liebe” that is a TV show where you can learn everything you never wanted to know about sex.

Don´t get me wrong. It is not only the high school kids who seem to need a lot of money in order to satisfy their needs. My father´s child hood friend supported his wife and three children by talking about his nymphomatic ex-girlfriend whom he broke up with twenty years ago. He really could not cope with having to have sex several times per day. Half of Germany probably knows about his resulting inferiority complex. He shared his feelings with us on more than one talk show.

A guy from my gym earned his money by stripping entirely naked in a club. I never saw it personally but a 50-year-old women from the gym told me that she had been there to see him.

My favourite story about improving your financial situation is “Bigi´s story”:
When Bigi was in 9th grade she was caught in a bus without a ticket. Since she had already spent her monthly allowance on other things she decided to change her identity into mine. The fine arrived in my mail box. I found out because she had told her mother who “volunteered” to pay “my” bill.
A few years later she must have gotten caught again. Due to unbearable poverty she decided to become a web-cam-star. She is currently working as a “show master” on late night TV. Unfortunately her salary must be little because she can obviously not allow herself to buy some clothes. I wonder why she does not participate in her own show where you can win up to 2000 geile Euros!!!
21.7.06 11:32


Avtandil finally found a job as an engineer!!! He is going to work for Siemens in Erlangen.

He will have to invent/ create containers for medical instruments in order to transport them safely to the customers. The Job will start next monday. During the next weeks we will be busy moving and organizing everything.
18.7.06 12:03

Hospitalityclub party

This saturday I went to a hospitalityclubparty in Hamburg. The host was the guy who wrote the article about HC for the "Stern" magazine. There were quite a lot of other members but also some of his friends.

This party made me realize two things:
1 German parties are very different from Romanian parties. It is just the old story: In Germany you talk to people, you get to know people, and you go home without having taken anyone´s phone number. I really understand why many Romanians think that Germans are cold: In Romania I would have had five phone numbers and an invitation for a coffee the next day. Well, I really wonder how France is going to be like......

2 HC really is a German thing. Before the party began there was a HC media team meeting. Very german: everyone has a certain responsibility and the meeting was quite structured. I told them that I was interested in joining them but they did not seem to be too interested in having me in their team. When I asked if I could join their meeting I had to justify why. I had to tell them what kind of media experience I have and in the end they did not even ask me for my nick name, e-mail address or any other contact data. I guess that means I am out. The whole thing felt a little weired because I always thought that every member can be a media spokes person and then suddenly these people have a complete media strategy and seem to think of themsleves as the one and only media team legitimized by having close contact with the founder of the club.
Well, that was not the idea I had about hospitalityclub and I decided to put my efforts into HC Romania only. Lot´s of stuff to do over there and the thing that makes me happy is that I only organized one party there, told everyone that I would not organize the second one and now things are working out. By the way: There is going to be an HC meeting in Vama Veche at the end of August!
18.7.06 11:58

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