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Scary Coincidence

The world is small

Today I made another experience of how small the world is. Me and some colleagues of mine wanted to go to the office of another colleague. On the way to that office we almost bumped into someone who was not supposed to see us there (As we are preparing a surprise for her). When we heard her coming we panicked and hid in a small room with a xerox machine it. We waited for a couple of minutes and then wanted to continue our way. When I looked out of the room a friend of mine from Romania was standing in front of it!!!
I looked at her in surprise and she told me that she had seen me hiding....
It turned out that she is a diplomat now and had been on a mission to the council. She had not known that I was there too.

I guess the next time I see her will be in Romania again...
24.11.06 16:36


No! I do not usually stare at people but when I met Karin for the first time I did. I do not really believe in coincidence (even though I should because a lot of strange things have happened to me before). The reason why I was staring at Karin was because she looks like the twin sister of my friend Janina from Germany. She claimed that she does not know her but I do not believe her... Something has to be wrong here! Just look at the pictures. They are not best quality but I think you will understand what I mean.

This is Karin from Austria

This is Janina from Germany

The face, the freckles, the hair style and color. Its all the same only the eyes are different. Karin is a little smaller than Janina and two or three years older.

The weird thing is that just a month ago I met some Romanian guy who looked exaclty like my dorky ex-neighbour from Germany. Only that this one was actually quite good looking and well mannered (in contrast to my neighbour).
7.10.05 15:13

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