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What I am doing at the momeont?

At the moment I am doing yet another internship. In Nürnberg/ Germany. I "work" for the Diakonie which is the charity organisation of the Lutheran church. I work for the spokesperson of the press which is a lot of fun. The Diakonie is quiet interesting. It run hospitals, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, institutions for handicapped people, offers counceling to migrants, prostitutes etc.... A very broad range of services. Don´t worry, you do not have to be a christian to receive help form them. The only disadvantage is that you have to be a christian if you want to work for them... Since I am not baptized I wil not be able to ever find a "real" job here. But nonetheless I like the internship and I am learning a lot.

I already know where )I will go to next. From May tu July I will be in Hamburg where I will work for a movie production company. And from August to November I will do an internship at the Deutsche Fundraising Academy in Frankfurt. I will hopefully learn where to get all the money for my many ideas from....
5.4.07 15:27

Thank you!

I have received quiet some “fan-mails” asking me to continue writing my blog. Thank you for motivating me. I am happy to realize that people actually read and like my blog. This week end I finally found the time to do sit down and write about the changes in my life.
2.10.06 12:23


I finally got the confirmation from the Council of Europe!!! I will be a trainee in the Roma and Travellers Division starting from 25 September to 15 of December!
13.6.06 14:30

What I have been up to lately

My life as not been the happiest lately which is why I was in no good mood for blogging. I have been going back and forth between Cluj, Budapest, Muenster, and Hamburg. I still did not finish mt thesis statement.
My brother in law David died the day I moved to Budapest where I had hoped to be able to concentrated better. I was so sad that I went to Hamburg to stay with my parents for little more than a week. When Avtandil came back from the funeral in Georgia I stayed another week in Muenster.
After that I went back to Budapest and my friend Willu came for 2 weeks.
Again I had to travell in order to go to Cluj. I went to the orthodentist, talked to my landlady, and manage for my two flat mates Elena and Florica to go to Germany in the summer.
Back in Budapest Avtandil came and then my father to give me company. While my father was visiting me my father-in-law died, exactly two months after David. I was very lucky that my father was there with me because I don't know how I would have coped if I had been alone in Budapest. Again Avtandil is in Georgia, this time staying longer to make sure that his mother is ok.
I am back in Cluj at the moment and the passports for Elena and Florica are still not ready. Their working contracts have still not arrived from Germany and we already know that the German embassy is very busy at the moment. We just hope that things are going to work out and that they will be in Germany soon.....
I hope that I will finish soon with my thesis. I can't believe my time in Romania is alomost over and I have no idea about what I will do after graduation. I have sent out a couple of applications for internships but no replies yet. Who knows were I will end up in the end or if I have to continue to live like a nomad. To be honest I am tired of it and would not mind to go somewhere were I know I can stay for a couple of years....
21.5.06 10:25

19 March 2006

Drank a lot of tea
Went for a small walk
went window shopping (isn´t that exercise?)
Read a lot about purifying your body, immune system, metabolism, dark circles under the eyes etc.....
decided to not think about these things anymore and to concentrate on EXERCISE!!! Willu is going to love me but her legs are stil 14cm longer than mine and she is to fast for me. If I want to walk then at my own pace and not running after other people ....
20.3.06 00:18

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